This week we’ll move on to the L-system which was named after Aristid Lindenmayer, who was a Hungarian theoretical biologist and botanist. He worked with yeast, fungi, algae and he used L-systems to describe the development of such simple, multicellular organisms. Structure The system is based on an alphabet of symbols that are used to […]



Let’s talk about trees! …and plants. More precisely: mathematically generated trees! …and plants. Why? This is something a computer would be good at. We’re going to create things with recursive definition. Now recursive definition of course means something that is defined in terms of itself. In our case it’ll work like this: We’ll define a […]



Yes, I know what you’re going to say just after reading the title… But Peter do we really need another weather app? Just bear with me, this is not what you think. As large screens are getting cheaper, more and more small shops invest to show their products and / or discounts on screens instead […]


Avatar Part 22016-07-04

How could we improve on the randomly generated avatar from last week? Well actually there probably is a bunch of ways, but this week I’ll look at just one (don’t worry, no avatars next week). Which is… making it half random of course 🙂 But seriously… The last avatar had totally random patterns, which didn’t […]



If you are into coding, I’m pretty sure you’ve been on GitHub, or even Cloud9. If you sign up and your profile is not yet filled, instead of getting a blank, generic profile picture, you’ll get one that’s randomly generated. I think it’s really cool. I thought it would be fun to have a crack […]



Hello dear Reader, welcome to the Lab… You may wondering what this is about. The Lab is a blog about web design and coding (mainly HTML, CSS and JavaScript). I have a bunch of ideas that I can’t use in my work at the moment, but find interesting and would like to experiment with them. […]