Hand crafted experiences across all media

Wether tangible or digital, I’ll create bespoke products tailored to your needs.

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Hello, my name is Peter Balazs. When the internet became a part of our lives I found something that grew to be an important medium for me. I remember sitting in libraries spending my time in chat rooms, trying different chat platforms, surfing the web for hours on a daily basis. That was 16 years ago…

I started designing user interfaces for interactive hotel TV systems in 2007. then I slowly branched out into web and graphic design. Later I took up photography to round out my services.

If you visited me right now, I’d probably be fiddling with pixels or paper to bring an idea to life. I really love tangible media, papers, pencils and pens are as important for me as screens.

I like to involve my clients in the design process from the get go. Whether it’s a web site, a logo, print design or photography.

Let’s create something beautiful together!

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