Computer generated erotica

A new world of erotica is a website dedicated to computer generated erotica. They also have a store where you can buy image sets and videos. Everything is professionally done, they have beautifully rendered images. There’s also a blog where you can read editorials and conventional blog posts about various erotica related topics.

They asked me to help them come up with some ideas for their site redesign.

They already bought a template but they felt it was lacking in some areas. They needed help particularly with the layout of the home page and the full page blog post.

According to their design brief their concern was the colors of the home page. They felt it was a little dull and lifeless. Unfortunately I don’t have access to the old layout of their website, what you see here are the redesigned pages.

The briefing

Dark greys remain the anchor color for backgrounds, one key spot color for text, links, and related material. The full page blog post had the following problems. A big issue was that there’s a lot of blank space on the sides, originally intended for a couple sidebars (they are only using one). Strengthen the overall look of the layout, more screen real estate used, less blank space.

affect3d home page design

Affect3D home page design

The solution

As I stated before they have beautifully rendered images so I thought they should capitalize on that. This is why I added a full width hero image on the home page. I also added their old background pattern. I really liked it on the old site, and it really adds to the new design. It’s a subtle effect as it fades into the background, but still hints nicely the digital aspect of their products.

For the accent and link colours I wanted to go with a sultry hue, as it speaks to female and male audiences alike. It carries a message of sweet seduction, and combined with grey, it is reminiscent of intimate interiors. I think the pink-magenta theme is really overused on erotic pages, so I wanted some distinction from the crowd.

I modified the layout of the home page as well. I noticed that they don’t publish that many editorials, so I thought the latest three entries are enough to show there. On the other hand, media of the day gets published daily, so the new layout shows the past week’s entries. The big images alternate left-right which makes the page more dynamic. I added a gradient to the images so the text is readable and they wouldn’t have to edit the images concerning title readability.
The full page post became wider. Again, the header image got bigger, and they have more space for the main content.

affect3d full page blog post design

Affect3D full page blog post design

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