Autism Awareness Month

One month of illustrations

The miracle of connection

Recently I’ve been asked by the KapCsoda Foundation to create some illustrations for Autism Awareness Month.

KapCsoda does an autism therapy that would like to give the opportunity to the children who face the challenges of the autistic spectrum to show the world around them how clever, smart, capable and wonderful they are. I also created their logo and website last year. You can take a look at those here.

Their goal with the illustrations was to show how they view children on the autism spectrum and their approach to autism. Since I’ve worked with them before, I know quite a lot about them and I can honestly get behind their message and goals.

The challenge

I had to create 30 individual illustrations – one for each day – portraying abstract concepts and attributes. They only provided the message wanted to be put through, styles and looks were all up to me. I tried to capture the essence of each individual message, and create the image based on that. I used everything from literal interpretation to Buddhist symbolism.

Click on thumbnails to see larger images.

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