The miracle of connection

The loving autism therapy

KapCsoda is an autism therapy that would like to give the opportunity to the children who face the challenges of the autistic spectrum to show the world around them how clever, smart, capable and wonderful they are.

Their goal is to reach as many children and families as possible with their loving developmental therapy approach.


The task

My job was to design a logo for them, to design and develop the website. I still help with image design for social media and website maintenance

KapCsoda home page

KapCsoda home page design

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The solution

We actually settled for a butterfly at first symbolizing the development of the children, but I wanted to capture the loving approach to the children they work with, thus came the heart shape combined with the classic symbolism of autism, the puzzle pieces.

It appears on all of their collateral and Facebook posts, where they have gathered quite a bit of following.

For the website we agreed on a WordPress site since they update their content regularly. The template is custom made specifically for them.

kapcsoda logo

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