A friendly dentistry

Dental hygiene is important

Purgerdent is a dentistry owned by Dr. Istvan Purger. He’s been practicing since 2000, providing a comfortable environment, and has many satisfied patients.

He asked me to redesign and develop his website when he moved his practice into a new building.


The goal

My goal was to represent a friendly atmosphere, and to help the patients reach the dentistry as easy as possible.

purgerdent browser

Purgerdent home page design

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The solution

I wanted to distance the page from the conventional “doctor” color scheme, so I went with a pleasant blue hue. Blue is liked equally by both women and men, it represents stability, dignity and confidence.

I added a contact form for those who find it easier to communicate in writing, plus I made all the phone numbers as active links. It’s easy to call the dentinstry by a click or a tap on the screen of a phone.

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