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Laser cutting with precision

UNITHERM Bt. is a small Hungarian company dealing with metal working. They keep all sorts of metals and alloys on stock so they or their clients don’t have to spend time hunting down required materials. They possess a wide variety of metal working machines helping them to rise to any challenge.

They asked me to redesign and develop their website, when they applied for a grant to buy a new laser cutting machine.

unitherm metals

The challenge

The challenge in this case was a pretty strange mandatory element that was required by the government: a page hit counter. Page hit counters aren’t really common nowadays, and personally I didn’t have to bother with them until this project.

unitherm bt

Unitherm Bt. home page design

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The solution

The owner is quite tech savvy and had particular ideas about what he wanted. We could work out the details within an hour. When I looked at the sites of the competition, the direction was absolutely clear. All the local metal working sites I found are really old and conservative (most of them aren’t even responsive).

The owner wanted a clean, modern site. Since they don’t have too much information to show just the basics, I went with a one-page scrolling design, with a custom database driven page hit counter.

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